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The AI Solution: Diagnosing and Treating Mental Illnesses

By Lena Sernoff

The story of The AI Solution: Diagnosing and Treating Mental Illnesses explores the latest developments and limitations in the field of AI and mental health. A short video summarizes the key findings and implications of this area by compiling interviews with AI mental health researchers and research studies to understand the solutions new technologies offer, such as analyzing large data sets and offering more personalized diagnosis.


In addition, the video uses an AI-created narrator "news anchor,” embracing the latest media technologies, to garner further attraction and engagement when shared on social media. Additionally, AI and mental health are currently popular topics on social media, and adding to the conversation with this story appears to be timely and relevant.


Why this platform 

LinkedIn felt like a well-suited platform to distribute this solutions story because it deals with a highly technical topic that is closely tied to industries. Therefore, reaching a professional audience on this platform is ideal. 


Choosing a long-form video format (approximately 5 minutes) was the best option for covering a more detailed solutions story while keeping the content visually interesting. The video features an AI anchor as the speaker and screenshots from the research studies highlighted. By uploading the finished video to YouTube, the link could be embedded in the LinkedIn post, making it even more shareable for people  not logged into LinkedIn.



LinkedIn presents a significant opportunity to discuss news and developments in various industries. This makes it an ideal platform for sharing solutions stories, as opposed to personal content such as engagement photos, travel videos, and pet pictures that may be found on other social media platforms.



Creating a video for social media platforms such as LinkedIn and covering a complex and technical AI story with all the four qualities of a solutions story was a challenging task. Although the final video is 5 minutes long, ideally, it could be even shorter to hold the attention of busy professionals on LinkedIn.


Key Takeaways 

Your solutions story should have an X Factor to stand out among the masses of social media content. To achieve this, consider doing something unique and relevant to your topic or platform. For instance, in this case study, using AI to discuss AI was an appealing attention grabber on a platform like LinkedIn.


Also, keep in mind, narrating a technical solution can be challenging on social media. To make it easier for the audience to understand, this piece used visual slides in conjunction with the narrator. Including academic studies as part of the evidence allowed for the distillation of technical and complex information for a general audience. Slides featuring scientific information conveyed evidence without getting too technical.

About Lena Sernoff 

Lena is a digital storyteller and podcast producer with a passion for innovation in media and business. She has worked at Google and LinkedIn in AdTech and has experience in blogging and SEO at Wix. Her journalism interests include AI, VR, and audio.

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